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   Meet the Team


Maja is the founder and creator of AyurDevon Remedies, based on her long standing interest in Ayurveda and herbal remedies. She was particularly keen to make natural, organic and chemical free products, which grew organically into a micro enterprise. She weaves in her love, practice and knowledge of Yoga and Shakti Dance into the mix, to create special concoctions infused with high frequency vibes generated in the process of creation.


Vladek designs and creates beautiful AyurDevon Remedies boxes based on origami principles without using any glue or tape. He is an inventor with many skills and the main artistic designer of AyurDevon Remedies packaging, photography, videos and all things visual.

Dan creates both visual and landscape art. He is the main gardener and garden designer, adding a touch of magic like a true artist with his brush. Dan designs and makes clay soap dishes and glass dispensers and you are very likely to catch him locally with a crate full of garden harvest.

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