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Organic Vegan Hands, Body & Hair Wash

Organic Vegan Hands, Body & Hair Wash

Lavender, Sandalwood or Sandalwood & Neroli Hands/Body/Hair Wash 100-250mls. Available in different thickness depending on use from the Zero Waste Pura Vida store in Barnstaple, Gammon Walk. Visit:


This lovely natural all-in-one wash is made with home distilled hydrosols, pure plant extracts and certified orgnic oils. A touch of completely natural colour is added from a local art studio based on semi precious stone and rock and pink Himalayan salt, adding a little bit of natural body and bounce to your locks whilst conditioning and nourishing your hair and skin. Bring your own containers to refill or get one on sale at the store and hey presto! Divinely scented with natural plant extracts, this lovely plastic free wash is good for the planet too! 

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